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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

And.....I'm back.

Sorry I haven't posted anything in the last year plus.  In my defence, its been a bit busy, some health issues, a retirement and a move from Chicago to basically Saint Louis so I have been busy.  Hopefully I will post a little more regularly.

Since there should be something to comment on, a little bit of a sneak preview for the Little Wars 2014 convention.  The Atlantic Gaming Commision will not be running a million games like last time, but we will be staging a large Black Powder game that will take place on the Saturday of the con.  Not to give away too much, but it will be a War of 1812 game, only a hypothetical battle.  This actually gives us the freedom to run a pretty big game, as most battles of that war were fairly small compared to what was going on in Europe at the time.  I'll give a little bit of a teaser, since I doubt that many people will read this (outside of the AGC) and it's going to be in the PEL anyway.  The background is that in the summer of 1814, instead of the British raiding in the Chesapeake and Prevost leading an invasion into upstate New York (the one that ended at Plattsburgh/Lake Champlain) the British make a play for New York City.  Its going to be big, its going to be fun.

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