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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sorry its been light

Funny how surgery on a toe can affect one's ability to type.

A little surgical procedure has kept me away from the keyboard, but now that its comfortable to sit at a desk, back to the grind.

We've had a couple of games in the last few weeks gentle readers, and things are coming along with the group project.  The late medieval idea is developing, with some members of the AGC getting stuff done a lot faster than others, but everyone making progress.  I'm waiting for some pavise transfers I ordered from Little Big Men Studios to arrive, and then will get cracking on my infantry, but the cavalry certainly looks nice.  I must say that the Perry mounted crossbowman are a very nice addition to my mounted strike force.

In other periods, I've found myself drifting back to Vietnam, but an earlier version.  I've been reading Logevall's "Embers of War" while lying with my foot in the air, an excellent account of the war in Indochina between the French and the Viet Minh.  I've already got a considerable amount of Eureka 15mm figures for the period, with a mix of Quality Casting and Flames of War vehicles for the French.  I had been contemplating using the ever excellent "I Ain't Been Shot Mum" rules from Too Fat Lardies, but I've shifted my thinking from company level actions to multi-battalion, so Battlefront WW2 might end up being used instead.  Which isn't bad to think in both directions, as a company for Battlefront ends up being roughly a platoon in IABSM, the figures can multi-task.  I just need more heavy weapons represented on the board for BFWW2.

Our War of 1812 stuff continues to move forward, another game is planned for this Monday.  A couple of weeks ago we had a smashing game with a Britsh pre-emptative strike on an American army that was forming up to eventually invade Canada.  Ended up being a bloody draw, but the Americans saw their invasion plans derailed.  What was amazing was how a brigade of militia turned out to be a hard fighting force that blunted the Britsh drive.  Mind you, they were eventually broken, but they did hold up the redcoats.  Sometimes the dice gods smile upon you.  The downside of this 1812 project is I have found myself painting 28mm Napoleonics as well, despite having what seems like millions of them in 15mm.  Sucks being a wargamer, doesn't it?

Hopefully I will get some pictures posted from the upcoming game, and thanks for continuing to read this blog!

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