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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Updated ramblings

After a couple of weeks of WW2 games, back to the north woods next Monday.  Got a couple of tricks up my sleeves, we'll see how it works.  On the upside, the 28mm War of 1812 thing is providing unexpected fallout.  One of the other members of the AGC mentioned that he had just bought a bunch of Victrix Napoleonics...

This is good, I have been slowly, very, very slowly, painting a brigade of 28mm Perry French infantry, and I have four regiments of French cuirassier to do as well (hey! there was a sale!) and some hussars....and three battalions of Prussian regulars and three of Prussian landwehr....and...dear lord, its a sickness isn't it?

So I am glad someone else is kicking in for Napoleonics.

We won't talk about the 15th century Italy project right now....


  1. I showed the BP rules to someone last week and he promptly dragged out a bunch of 25mm French and Peninsular Brits and asked if they would work...