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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The 200th....continued

Well, I think I have my order of battle set up for next Monday's game.  The one that is honor of the 200th Anniversary of the start of the War of 1812.  Seeing as how its not the anniversary of an actual battle I'm not too concerned about doing an actual refight.  Although some of those are planned, as well as going to the reenactment of Queenston Heights we will be playing it this October...

Instead gentle reader, I am going with a generic kind of a game set somewhere around Detroit.  The American army is going to actually be a mix of units from both Hull's and Harrison's armies, hey, its whats ready to go.  The British will have my Brock figure in command.  This will be the first time our club plays Black Powder in 25mm so the movement and firing should throw people off.  Also, the armies are going to be small, most of the guys will be commanding 2-3 units with a couple of larger brigades composed of smaller militia units.  Since there will be less units on the tabletop, almost every unit in the order of battle has some special rule assigned to it, one of the American brigades is completely Freshly Raised with one battalion also being tagged as Wavering.

The Indians are going to be the rough point, as they will have both warband and skirmish qualities.  For the curious, Conquest Miniatures has, in their "500 Nations" line, a really nice personality figure for both Tecumseh and Black Hawk.  I don't think Tecumseh will come out this game, but perhaps.

I really have to tip my hat to Knuckleduster Miniatures for re-stoking my interest in playing the War of 1812.  After I finish off a couple of more units I may have to pick up some of their new Maryland Militia.  The 200th anniversaries of Bladensburg and North Point are still a couple of years off, but at the speed I paint I'll be lucky to have them done in time provided I start last week!

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