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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Breastplate of La Pucelle!

Well, the mini-campaign planning is coming along quite nicely.  The kick off game will represent part of Operation Dortmund, and have Belgian Chasseurs Ardennais defending against German recon elements attempting to bully their way forward.  Some French recon troops may also show up...

Game two will be based on Germans attempting to cross the Meuse.  Agent "Dancing Bear" of the AGC is working on some terrain boards, and I've been painting up Old Glory German assault rafts.  It should be jolly fun and a bit frustrating for all involved.

The last game turned out to be the troublemaker planning wise.  At first I was planning on a refight of the Battle of Stonne.  Then the PEL for the convention came out, and in the same time slot were two other Stonne scenarios....what were the odds.  So, rather than Stonne I started to put together a Moncorret type battle.  We play-tested a bit of it last Monday, and the Germans got a rude surprise from the French S-35 tanks.  I'm sure at the convention the same blind faith in German tanks will cause equal distress.

Less than a month until the convention.  It should prove fun.

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