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Monday, July 11, 2011


Just got back from Historicon where I had a chance to play in a Black Powder game.  Kind of cool to be able to play instead of ref!  It was a refight of the Battle of Eutaw Springs during the American Revolution.  I think there were two of us who had played BP before, so I tried to be helpful without being obnoxious about it, I think I pulled that off.  It was a very nice game, pretty figures and terrain.  The net result was an American victory, so, as one of the American players I was pretty happy.  It was an interesting example of what happens when people who no neither the rules nor the period fight a battle....  but I think all had fun.  Tip of the hat to the guys who ran it!

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  1. Obviously I meant "know" rather than "no". Shouldn't blog while tired I suppose...