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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some random thoughts

Well, we've played several games of Charlie Don't Surf, and it is interesting to watch the reaction from the club.  One guy doesn't show up when we play it, and there is a fair amount of whining....albeit from the guy who usually crys about things.  The game can be very frustrating, especially for the VC player.  But then again, it should be, shouldn't it?  Considering you can lose militarily but still win politically (The Tet Offensive anyone?) I think it should get people rethinking how they approach the table.

Speaking of approaching the table, Mrs. RedWineandBlackPowder experimented with some meatloaf recipes the other night, she usually doesn't do meatloaf.  She needs to more often, it was very good!

1 comment:

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed it...I whined a bit, but I'm a gamer...gamers whine. And our side won politically...and ground them to a standstill militarily (If I remember correctly)
    damn hog showing up RIGHT when they needed it most.