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Friday, March 25, 2011

There are days Flames of War sucks.

Just checked out their website and am TOTALLY WIRED that they are expanding their Vietnam range.  I really regret having sold off all my 20mm stuff ten years ago.  Then I was reading up on how their vision of Nam looks.  It seems that one of the companies you can field is a US tank company.  Yes, plenty of US armor went to Vietnam but I don't recall ever reading about it being deployed by company.  Platoons and sections yes, 17 freaking M48s at the same place, not so much.  Well, at $15 a tank better you should buy 17 than 2, right?  I am so glad that when I started putzing around in 15mm Vietnam I bought Old Glory vehicles, with my OG army discount I got three M48A2C for around 14 dollars.

Also, I can only imagine how FOW would work for Nam.  I will be playing Charlie Don't Surf from Too Fat Lardies, and will check out Ambush Alley's Vietnam supplement for Force on Force when that comes out.

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